Monday, April 11, 2011

teruja ko Yer pun..jgn lah samPai Bogel2!!

Streakers of the sporting world

hai lah mamat woiiiiiii.......teruja ko sampai bogel???
habis disensor.......kalo tak nampk belalai gajah berlari hahahahaha
cara ko tunjukan keterujaan ko lain mcm der.....hahahah...tak pepasal polis main kejar2 ngan ko

Sports fans express themselves. We must. It is our way of life. Some of us walk around in our team's jerseys, some carry flags into stadiums to wave about, some craft signboards with clever sayings that often express disdain for opposing teams.

Which is why it isn't really all that surprising that some take to streaking. Letting it 'all hang out' for the world to see is, we assume, the way some people feel best expresses the sentiment.

In any case, streakers are people too, and more importantly passionate fans. So here's a standing salute to honour the streakers of the sporting world.

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