Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm not racist............Benar itu Pahit.

dengan kos sara hidup yg meruncing sekarang mana lah hala tuju kaum kiter sendiri sekarang nie......takut bila fikir........semoga semuanya baik-baik sahaja

Copy & Paste.....

Ni msg frm my neighbourhood grp (Teknik syarikat developer cina manipulasi harga rumah diskaun unit Melayu Bumiputera.

1.Went to i Property Fair @ Subang Parade today. Interested with with one development overseeing the sea @ Tanjung Puteri developed by one chinese owned developer. They offer Bumi discount for bumi unit @ 15% and for non bumi discount @ 6%. Bunyi interesting tapi see the catch. Utk bumi discount, bumi buyer kena bayar 10% deposit upon signing SPA and bayr sendiri all cost (SPA legal fee, MOT stamp duty, Loan legal fee, Loan stamp duty etc) which sy calculate total to about $42k. Utk non bumi, buyer cuma perlu bayar 4% upon signing SPA and all cost absorb by the developer (i.e. the $42k cost will be absorbed by the developer). The unit is priced slightly above $1m for a unit sized approx. 700 sq ft.

2.They don't expect I do my own calculation... i.e. utk bumi to buy bumi unit, the entry cost would be 10% of the Bumi price (after discounted 15%) i.e. dalam $90k. Campur dgn kos2 yg developer tak cover dlm $42k, total entry cost for bumi to buy this development is about $135k.

3.Banding dgn non bumi, tjeir entry cost is just 4% of purchase price, i.e. approximate dlm $45k sahaja. All other cost absorbed by the developer.

4.Kalau dikira beza discount antara bumi price (15% discount) dgn non bumi price (6% discount) is around $104k. Tapi kalau bumi has to pay own cost & non bumicost absorbed, tu bermakna non bumi will enjoy additional benefit of $42k. Bermakna walau harga bumi murah by $104k, the real diffrence is only about $60k je. Utk discount sebanyak $60k, bumi buyer will have to pay aboun $135k sedangkan non bumi only have to pay dlm $45k sahaja.

5.Then this developer will apply to uplift bumi quota... alasan bumi unit takde buyer. Mcmana nak ada buyer kalau entry cost 3 kali lebih tinggi dari non bumi.

6.They look like they offer benefit to bumi, follow NEP, but in reality, they bypass it and make it less competitive for bumi to buy. Also bear in mind bumi unit usually less appreciate compared to non bumi unit.

7.Free2 jer dorang kene free lecture dari saya pasal entry cost, how to calculate costing, NEP, economy, current social and political scenario in Malaysia, etc. Told them to bring the matter up to their higher management before I bring it up to higher attention.

8.You know what they replied "Every chinese developer companies are doing this just to make sure every Melayu Bumiputera wont have any new property so your child will stick to the old house or staying back to kampung"

9.Please please please share and kongsi this article so it will spread among the Malays for the sake of our future.

this is true case jadi kat kawan kerjaya lawyer.


Norul Rahim said...

huhuhu.. jb tu lagi la.. ckp da full.. pergi pejabat tanah ckp unit kosong lagi.. actually diorang nak jual singaporean.. utng foreigner.. sedihhh betol.. government mana? huwaaaa :'(

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